- - services-2.jpgCodenex Oy services are based on each Customers individual business demands.

If you want, we can offer a full range of product life cycle services from the feasibility study to end of life on a turnkey basis.

There is not always possible to define a project which engineering could be completely outsourced. You also might need an outsider’s view or help on technical issues concerning some part of your R&D development. We can also offer you the possibility to get the experts you need on site for the time that you need. Our personnel have a long and wide-ranging experience, so we are able to set the most suitable expert for your needs.

Professional services »

Professional services

  • Analog, digital and mixed-signal electronics
  • Audio HW-electronics
  • Component and sourcing support
  • DSP and Embedded SW design
  • EMC
  • HW design
  • IC design
  • Life Cycle Management Service
  • Mixed signal electronics
  • Power electronics
  • PWB layout
  • Project Management
  • Production transfer
  • RF Design
  • R&D test, measurement and verification

Project solutions »

Project solutions

  • BOM check and cost reduction
  • Component and sourcing support
  • Customized test projects (test system design and test analysis)
  • Electronics devices and module design
  • EMC
    • design and testing
    • problem solving
    • performance and interoperability
  • Feasibility studies
  • Improvements of products features efficiency and reliability
  • Layout design and complete PWB delivery
  • Maintenance projects
  • Power design and energy management
  • Product engineering